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Our Team


Jan Krupp 

An oenophile with a green thumb, Jan was a hobby winemaker and suburban farmer in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years. Though a full-time doctor, in his spare time, he grew everything from green beans to gooseberries and produced beautiful wines, using his driveway and basement as a makeshift winery.

While still a full-time doctor Jan moved to Napa in 1991, to start growing things on a larger scale - beginning with a 41-acre vineyard around his new home. With his brother Bart, he would develop two more vineyards, including the iconic Stagecoach Vineyard. In 1998, he sold his medical practice and the following year, Bart and Jan founded the winery.

Bart Krupp

Bart was in his early 20s when his older brother Jan would return to New Jersey to visit his family with magnificent California wines in tow. As Bart began to become more knowledgeable, he would seek out European wines – which were then much more prevalent than California wines on the east coast – for his brother to try.

Together, the two developed their palates, broadened their knowledge and strengthened their brotherly bond. Bart's wise counsel and support have been crucial to the success of the vineyards and Krupp Brothers. Bart divides his time between Montclair, New Jersey – not far from where the brothers grew up – and Napa.

Julien Fayard

Growing up on his family's small vineyard in the Provence region of France, Julien has not missed a harvest since he was 16. Weekend and holiday jobs on the family vineyard eventually turned into a career in the wine business. He trained in Bordeaux, working for the esteemed First Growth Château Lafite-Rothschild and Smith Haut Lafitte where he oversaw vineyard management and developed his winemaking skills.

After moving to Napa in 2006, Fayard began working alongside Philippe Melka as Director of Winemaking at Atelier Melka.  There he honed his winemaking skills all the while learning more about the multiple climates and terroirs that make up the Napa Valley. 

His winemaking style as a blend of new and old world, applying new world creativity and technology to the old-world focus on complexity and aromatics.


Sandy Huffine
Executive Vice President

Sandy travels from her home in Dallas throughout the country, imparting her passion for food and wine and sharing the story of Krupp Brothers. With her boundless energy, huge smile and personality to match, her favorite part of the job is meeting people from different walks of life who are passionate about what they do. Her energy inspires people everywhere.


Sandy has more than 20 years experience in the wine, food and hospitality industry. While overseeing the Fine Wine portfolio for Republic Beverage Company in Texas, she was introduced to Krupp Brothers wines and met Joshua and Jan Krupp.

When she's not on the road sharing our wines, she enjoys playing with her dogs, Skylar and Graci, spending time with her nieces and nephews and savoring a glass - or two - of Synchrony.



Desiree O’Donovan 
 Associate Winemaker

Raised in the California Wine Country, Desiree O’Donovan was studying to become a dentist when a part-time job at a local winery opened her eyes to where her passions truly lay.  Following cellar harvest internships at several notable local wineries, she began her career as a cellar operations analyst at a Napa custom crush facility, where she had the opportunity to work alongside a number of amazing winemakers, see different styles and varietals, and learn a little bit of everything along the way. 

Desiree loves working for Krupp Brothers and is wholeheartedly committed to the Krupp way – nothing but the best! When she’s not at the winery, she is hiking in nature with her husband, Brendan, a local Sommelier, and her dogs Rook and Lula.  

Jon Bain
Tasting Room Manager

Jon moved from Boston to work in Silicon Valley as a software writer in 1994. When his wife left tech to start working at a winery, he noticed that she was having a lot more fun at work than he was. Seventeen years ago, he followed suit and has never looked back.

 At the Tasting Room, he loves meeting people from all over the country and the world, being able to teach guests about wine and share the Krupp Brothers story while also learning from them and listening to their stories. His goal, he says, is that each guest has fun during their time with him, because “in the end, that's why they're here.”


Nikki Lincoln
 Director of Hospitality & Regional Sales Manager

Nikki wears two hats for Krupp Brothers. As our concierge extraordinare, she provides guests with unforgettable tasting experiences. She loves to share her intimate knowledge of the vineyard and winemaking with guests. Her authenticity, passion and kindness are infectious.

As our regional sales manager, she also brings Krupp Brothers to restaurants, shops and wine lovers throughout the west coast! A Napa native, she was practically born with a wine glass in her hand and she loves that her job is to share some of the valley's finest wine with others. 

Alma Ambrose
Estate Director

With a magnetic personality and can-do attitude, Alma is a beloved member of our team. Originally from El Salvador, wine was not a part of her family’s culture. Her husband introduced her to wine when they first met, and from there an oenophile was born. She nurtured her passion by traveling to various wine regions – sometimes with their two children in tow – and rigorous studying, earning a sommelier certification. When her husband’s work transferred him from southern California to the Bay Area, she saw her chance to turn her passion into a career. At Krupp Brothers, she not only loves that she is continuing her wine education, but that she is able to provides guests with experiences they will cherish.

Sarah Krupp
 Wine Club 

What Sarah loves most about being part of her family’s business is the passion her father and uncle have for making the best wine. Knowing that each vintage was painstakingly crafted, sparing no expense, gives her great pride in sharing the Krupp Brothers story and wine. As the wine club director, she sees her role as not only sharing Krupp Brothers with those who love the wine as much as she does, but also making sure that every club member experience is as exceptional as the wine we make.

Her obsession with amazing wine is almost matched by her love affair with Latin America, which led her to earn a MA in Latin American Studies and where she has travelled and lived whenever she has had the chance. She is a former newspaper reporter and maintains the craft by writing the Krupp Brothers Newsletters. She is a managing partner for a public relations and advertising firm in Berkeley, California. 

Tyler Hinsley
Sales Associate

After attending college in New York City, Tyler returned to his hometown of Napa in 2016 to pursue a career in wine.

With a background in Sales and Marketing management, Tyler brings with him an understanding of the wine business, hospitality, and social media. He loves the innovation, creativity and authentic passion that goes into a bottle of wine. Seeing this play out daily at Krupp Brothers has become a dream come true for him. 

Tyler’s enthusiasm, warmth and extraordinary knowledge about wine are infectious, whether he is pouring at the Tasting Room, hosting at our Estate, or sharing our wines on the road. When he’s not pouring – and enjoying – his favorite Krupp Brothers wines, Veraison and M5, you can find him playing basketball or tennis.