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The Vineyards
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The Vineyards

Rising into and over the fogline of Napa Valley’s eastern mountains, Stagecoach Vineyard and Krupp Brothers Vineyard boast thin, rocky volcanic soils ideal for growing world-class wine grapes.

Farmed sustainably, each vineyard is planted with a permanent cover crop to curtail erosion, and viticulturist Gabrielle Shaffer employs a minimum of pesticides, fertilizer, and water on each vine block. Stretching over 1,100 contiguous acres, the undulating, varied terrain creates diverse meso-climates and soil conditions that are distinctively suited to the 17 different varieties grown in these two vineyards.

In addition to this varietal variation, we have 16 different clones of Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives our winemakers a diverse palette from which to create wine. Every cluster of tiny, intense mountain berries is handpicked, gently de-stemmed into small vessels, and thoughtfully matched to select barrels in order to create concentrated, textured wines with superior complexity.